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Our  chief technologist Anna Zelenkova!

Since the year 2001, she’s been dedicating her entire life to the art of brewing. The best breweries of Europe and CIS are competing to cooperate with this real master. We were lucky enough to talk to Anna!

Every day, you will get an update as for the things happening in our restaurant. You even can’t imagine the amount of delicious and interesting content that is already waiting for you! 

Anna Zelenkova is a production engineer of the brewing industry and a candidate of Technical Science. 

She is a founder of JSC ‘ProfiMalt’, an official representative office of the German company BdB GmbH, a manufacturer of the German brewing equipment. Moreover, she represents an official dealer of the German concern Ireks, the German producer of brewing malt. Anna is the Chief Consultant Technologist in JSC ‘ProfiMalt’ in the matters of brewing industry and brewing production.

She’s a permanent jury member of international beer contests, as well as the author of numerous scientific articles in the specialized magazines ‘Beverages Industry’ and ‘Beer and Drinks’.

De Bassus" brewery follows the decree ‘On Beer Purity’ (adopted in 1516). Hence, the ingredients come only from the thoroughly monitored regions.






Having cooking talent, our chef, Amarjit, for 12 years developed and improved his skills in one of the best restaurants in Germany. Many of our clients visit De Bassus to enjoy delicious dishes from chef. Amarjit used to say that “De Bassus became the ambassador of German culture in Spain” 

Arriving at the De Bassus, You don't just taste delicious dishes prepared according to centuries-old recipes, You take a culinary journey through Germany. In addition to German and Bavarian cuisine, among more than 90 dishes on our menu, You will meet world-famous dishes, for example, Wiener Schnitzel, Russian Thistle, chicken Kiev and more. And kids love our children's menu and a children's Playground.

Our generous portions, original interior and reasonable prices along with a rich menu, also became a success formula that has made De Bassus one of the most popular restaurants on the Costa Blanca. And our signature 1-metre-long sausages and juicy pork knuckle "German" be one of pleasant memories that tourists take away from your vacation in Spain. Immerse yourself in the world of Bavarian and German taste traditions, welcome to De Bassus! 


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